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#iCON_aDDICT .. ver. 3.0 - PoA

Comment, take, credit.

icon _ addict [ella & iris]
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ELLA'S ICONS CAN BE SEEN AT procrastinate__

icon_addict is a journal exclusively for posting icons made by Ella (exotik) and Iris (sleepall_day). If you comment, we might reply under those usernames. Both our interests are listed in our userinfo and the icons we make will be of, but not limited to, those interests. You can always look in our memories to view older icons, or search by category.

1. You may take any icons that we post. You don't have to ask. However, you MUST comment and credit in keywords. Even if you're not taking any icons, we LOVE comments. Please credit either icon_addict or whichever one of us made the icon; we always say whose they are. If you need help, read on.
2. Do not archive these icons anywhere or claim as your own. This includes not altering icons, including textless icons that are not bases. If bases are posted, we will say so.
3. We don't take requests, but you can request a variation of a posted icon or a base since we might still have it.
4. Please do not hotlink.

Giving credit to an icon maker is extremely important and also protocol. Please do credit all icons made by not only us, but anyone else you take from.
1. Log in, and go to Manage - User pictures.
2. Upload the icon.
3. In the space where you name the icon, you can enter anything you want for the name, and then credit me as the maker. You can do something like name of icon - by name of maker or name of icon (by name of maker).

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